Authenticity in the AI Age: Empowering Real Talent Digitally

AI.Fashion is proud to pioneer a new approach to fashion photography - a harmonious blend of technology and humanity. In partnership with real-life models, we enable brands to digitally hire models for photoshoots.

Bringing Fashion into the 21st Century

AI.Fashion enables virtual photoshoots featuring real models as well as advanced design and image customization through a powerful suite of creative AI tools built for the fashion industry.

Increase sales with hyper-targeted imagery

Localize & test marketing imagery at scale. Increase conversion and help customers find the right products.

Unlock product testing & presales

Showcase your latest collections to potential customers. Bring your clothing to life and pre-sell your collections before production.

Why Persona?

At AI.Fashion, we believe the future of fashion hinges on innovation that respects and elevates human talent. 'Persona' is a testament to this belief, deeply rooted in our profound respect for the industry’s talent and legacy.

Our platform innovatively bridges the digital and real worlds, allowing human models to get hired by the world’s most exciting brands for virtual photoshoots through advanced AI technology. This approach not only preserves the irreplaceable authenticity that human creatives bring but also opens up new realms of opportunity and flexibility for them, while ensuring control over their likeness. For brands, it's a chance to embrace the benefits of AI without losing the human element that is so vital to fashion.By combining advanced technology with the irreplaceable qualities of human models, we create a synergy that elevates the fashion experience and provides both models and brands the opportunity to harness the power of AI.

How it Works

Seamless Integration of Talent and Technology

A Step-by-Step Guide:
For Models:

Start by uploading a series of photos and measurements

Create a detailed profile highlighting unique attributes and aspirations

AI algorithms will then match models with brand campaigns that fit their profile

Model and brand from there can agree to work together on photoshoot

For Brands:

Specify campaign needs and preferences for model selection

Gain access to a global pool of models for more localized, relatable content

Select from a variety of models available, embracing inclusivity in fashion campaigns

The platform also suggests suitable models, streamlining the selection process for smooth, productive brand-model collaborations

embrace sustainability and efficiency

Minimize waste and reduce environmental impact by utilizing AI-generated imagery

Optimize resources and create content without the need for physical photoshoots, travel, or additional materials

Ready to revolutionize your fashion content creation?

Embrace the future of fashion and join forward-thinking brands that trust AI.Fashion. Save time, money, and resources while elevating your visual content to new heights.

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